Xmine ($XMN) is a deflationary BEP20 token from Binance Smart Chain.

Xmine was born with the purpose of matching the needs of traditional investors and adepts in the world of crypto-actives. In fact, the first self-sustaining currency. A decentralized ecosystem that has $CAKE rewards for investors and mining ASICS generating liquidity to the graph with the profits made. In fact, the first self-sustaining currency.

Xmine has its own swap, which has less fees than others on the market and those taxes also feed xmine’s liquidity. The team is working very hard to integrate many other interested tokens that want to participate in our swap and our future pools.

Other income

At Xmine, in addition to the gains from currency appreciation, which naturally occur with the entry of new investors and ASIC Mining's profits, it will still be possible to make gains through the FARM.

A differential that few currencies have in the Defi market and that our investors will have access to.

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Why invest in Xmine?


Yes, it is very easy to invest in our crypto currency. Besides being extremely profitable. XMINE has also a partnership with the stake platform olive.cash so you can receive daily rewards harvesting OLIVE when staking XMINE + BNB.

The Roadmap

See the trajectory of our token and everything that will be accomplished in a short period of time.

2nd Quarter of 2021

- Creation of the creative team

- Creation of visual identity, institutional presentation, website and social media

3nd Quarter of 2021

- Currency Creation

- Xmine Releasing

- Partnerships

4nd Quarter of 2021

- Audit

- Listing on new exchanges

- Mining structure expansion

1nd Quarter of 2022

- Listing in large brokers

- Events

- Expansion of mining structure

2nd Quarter of 2022

- Supply Through Burns

- More Events

- Coinbase Listing

Currency economy

  • 1.
    Xmine has deflationary properties that work to progressively reduce supply with a view to increasing long-term value. We do this with our 12% redistribution fee on every transaction — brokendown.
  • 2.
    Contract waived (the token will be out of control of the development team).
  • 3.
    20% of the supply burned at launch plus unsold from the 45% set aside for pre-sale, halving the total supply immediately.
% returns to marketing for each transaction
% added to the liquidity portfolio for each transaction
% sent to investors with each transaction

Our partners

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